Tips for Videographer to Shoot the Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding PhotographyIndian weddings are filled with rituals and celebrations that continue for several days. It is about two families being brought together socially. In India, most of the wedding traditions are common among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Jains. A successful wedding comprises of many things, such as convention hall, priests, musicians, caterers, organizers, photographers, videographers, etc. Only videographers can capture each and every moment of the wedding and save it for you to cherish it for rest of your life. Wedding traditions may vary across religion, caste, ethnicity, language, region, etc, and an Indian videographer should know about them and preplanned accordingly.

Here, apart from technicalities of video shooting, following are some of the tips to produce an effective and inspiring video shooting. It includes, right from meeting with the couple to post video editing levels.

All about Bride and Groom

Capture each and every moment of the bride and groom, because it’s all about them.  Taking special care of bride and groom is one of the most important tips of all while shooting personalized videos. Also, don’t forget to shoot the ambiance and the guests. Always have your camera ready to get those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Capture their each moment at reception, lunch, the way they speak to guests, etc. Ask what other people say about them and record the same.

Plan and Prepare yourself

As a videographer, it is your duty to know all the details of the wedding such as, the location, style of wedding, (traditional, religious or private), etc. It is also important to know how many people will be witnessing and whom to include in the video. If the location is new for you, visit and check for the available plugs and required settings for shooting. Try to get as much information as possible which will definitely help you to plan ahead of the event.

Get the Right Frame

Yes, most of the times, in rush you may not get the clear view of the bride and groom for shooting. If possible make the photographer your friend and tell him let’s cooperate each other. Make sure you both work as a team, because sometimes photographer comes in between the camera and the person to get the right angle. Approach him in a calm and friendly manner, if he agrees to cooperate, the shooting will go smooth.

Second Videographer

Expect the unexpected. In Indian weddings, there will be many protocols and rituals being carried out. If some rituals are with the parents, some will be with bride and groom. Do not forget to have a second videographer, because you don’t want to miss any event. Sometimes there are chances of not getting clear view from a single angle due to people moving here and there. If you have a second videographer, either one or both of you would be able to shoot without missing the moments.


Editing and Audio dubbing

Have a theme in mind and keep it simple. Don’t forget that the video is all about the bride and groom. Cut off the unnecessary clippings and add only clipping which makes video inspiring and interesting. Find out the favorite music of both bride and grooms and try to dub the same in the audio depending on the events. These are some of the tips which might help you creating a wedding video that will bring back nothing but wonderful memories for both the families.


Guide to Sikh Wedding Photography – Know about Sikh Wedding and Its Rituals

A Sikh wedding is covered by the superfluity of rituals and ceremonies. Sikh weddings are grand fun occasions. The events during the wedding day are huge, vivid and chaotic, with lots of entertainment. To capture all these memorable events in the right way, the photographer for Sikh wedding needs much more patience. At Sikh weddings, the work of a photographer becomes much more challenging and impulsive. Right from the Gurudwara to the reception, photographers need to be very calm and responsible. Here are some of the most important events which are must to be captured by photographers during a Sikh wedding day.

The Barat

The wedding day typically starts early for the Barat (party of people accompanying the groom). The Barat departures from the groom’s house and reaches Gurudwara, which is usually located near the bride’s house.  The wedding takes place in the Gurudwara. Once the Barat arrives at bride’s place, the party of bride side welcomes and receives the Barat. Function begins with Milnea (Introduction) and then the priest (Giani) performs the Ardas and both families share a formal introduction. It normally takes place in the hall area of Gurudwara, which is then followed by tea and snacks.
The Barat is the early day event and the photographer must be ready even before the groom gets ready. Since the Barat is followed by a series of events, it’s better to have a second photographer and ask him to be ready at the Bride’s place.

Anand Karaj (Main wedding ceremony)

Here comes the main event for the photographer. After tea, everyone proceeds into main prayer hall where the formal part of ceremony takes place. It comprises of:

  • Kirtan – The singing of Gurbani
  • Ardas – Bride, Groom and their families join the prayer
  • Palla – The shabad “Palla tanda lagee” will be sung by the Kirtania Jatha.
  • Laava – Both the bride and groom are asked to walk in tow around the SGGS at the set interval four times)
  • Ardas and Sagaan – The parents of the bride and groom followed by other elderly people bless the newly wedded and present gifts/money.
  • Kara Parshad – All are served with the blessed sweet pudding.
The Anand Karaj ceremony lasts for more than two hours. During this time, each event is considered as the sacred one for both bride and groom. It is the most important event during the wedding day and photographer covering the Sikh wedding must be attentive always.

Lunch and Doli Departure

Once the Anand Karaj is done, everyone is served with the variety of foods. The newlyweds will have their lunch. The bride changes into new dress presented by groom’s family and then departs from her parent’s house.
During lunch time, there will be dances and some other events scheduled. Have your second photographer to capture all the key people’s photographs during lunch time and the events. The departure of doli is the most touching occasion of the day.  Make sure you capture all those memorable moments while the bride departs from her parents’ house.

These are some of the most important events held during Sikh wedding day. Some other optional events are reception and some post-wedding events. To be a successful photographer, one must plan and prepare accordingly before the commencement of any event at Sikh wedding.

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